Diwan Saz, a dialogue through Music

Coming from the Galilee in Israel, Diwan Saz is a multicultural group of musicians who perform ancient music from Central Asia, Turkey, Persia, and the Holy Land, promoting peace and understanding by creating a dialogue through music.

The melodies and texts incorporate the spirit and music of Sufism and the musical heritage of the Holy Land. The members come from different religious background (muslims, jewishs, christians) and from different countries as well. Diwan Saz explores this music in depth, playing, composing and transposing texts and melodies from the various ethnic and folk traditions.

Yochai Barak, who leads the group, plays Saz and Baglama. He has traveled around the world studying music with outstanding saz players and musicians such as Mehmet Erenler in Turkey, Ross Dali in Crete, and Peretz Eliahu. Yochai’s teachings culminated with the creation of Diwan Saz, joining together leading musicians in the field of worl and traditional music. Other members include Muhamad “Hamoudi” Gadir, Lubna Salame, Rabbi David Menachem, Eyal Luman, Udi Benknaan, Mumin Sesler, Amir Shahsar, Tzipora El Re’i, Muhamad Abu Leil, Rani Lorentz.

A Diwan Saz performance is a unique experience of sharing and communion between the crowd and the band on stage. The variety of instruments and the special way musicians listen to each other creates an intense and vibrant atmosphere.

For more info : http://www.diwansaz.com/

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